Big  Bucks 2017


Big "6"

Joan Salmon with the buck harvested today

Dave the Sirloin Tip "Roast master" back on the job.

Dave Maynard with a nice 8 point

Toby with a non-typical 9 point

Starting Daddy's Girl young

Yes she did take this nice big one

Mike Smurf Murphy with a 10 point

Mark Larimee with two big Bucks from Chautauqua County

Bernie Snell with a nice spike horn

Stan Magiac with a big 6 by 4 10 point

Megan and Morgan working with Darrell to determine the age of Pat Miller's 8 point Buck

Pat Miller posing with her 3 and one half year old 8 point Buck

Shawn and Jack with the Buck from out back of the meat shop

Paul Miller with a Big 6 point

Retired OCSD Lieutenant Joe Luker with a nice 8 point

Andy Beecher and the kids with "Dad's" Buck