146.955 REPEATER

On February 2, 2013

the newly re-furbished 146.955 repeater was installed

at the Lewis County Crystal Dale Repeater Site

By Bob - KA2FWN

accompanied by Darrell - K1DCC as the excursion photographer

The new repeater after the rebuild in Bob's shop

At the site

Bob opening the gate at the site

A look up the tower

The old 146.955 repeater prior to removal

The new 146.955 repeater

Moving the new repeater in

Duplexer ready to go in

Bob wiring it together

No small task as you can see

Install nearly complete

Ready to go

Blue light on the HT - Green light on the link radio

It is ON THE AIR!!!!!


146.955 install complete

As you can see this is a clean professional installation of quality equipment by


Shack secured