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Hi Folks,

I'm sorry I'm so late with this. Originally we had planned on having our picnic on September 19. Unfortunately I completed the paperwork in June,

but didn't get it filed until August and by then our Sunday was taken. They did have Sunday the 26th available, so I snagged it. If you'd like to gather

on Sunday, September 26th (day after Elmira/Horseheads) for a picnic at the Verona Town Park from 2-4pm that would be fantastic.

I already requested the day off. Please let me know if this is okay and I'll send in the deposit. They are holding the day for me tentatively until I confirm.

Thank you!

~Rick KC2ABQ

Our monthly club meeting is on the last Wednesday of the month at the Madison Oneida B.O.C.E.S. at 7:30 P.M.

NOTICE: The Verona B.O.C.E.S. meeting room location has been changed

to the Library the best entrance to use is T-1




President Rolfe Ferrara WB2CLK

Vice President Bob Haeger KC2LMR

Secretary Rick Rogers KC2ABQ

Treasurer John Payne KC2AOA


Board of Directors


Tom Mancuse WB2YKY

Dick Frederick WB2RAD

Tom Andrews N2TYU

Frank Reynolds N2FHR

Support Staff

Al Robinson -

Rolfe Ferrara - Repeater Caretaker -

Doug Arvidson - Repeater Trustee -

Darrell Curtis - Webmaster -


Moarc Webmaster Meets with 14.300 Net Control

The MOARC UHF Repeater now on the air

443.650 (PL 103.5) (ID W2MO/r) is on the air

A Thank You to Bob KA2FWN and Rolfe WB2CLK

for all your work on this project


MOARC Membership Application


2010 Ham of the year


Past Ham of the year recipients



Mission Statement:

It shall be our mission to promote emergency and public service communication, radio
knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency, and to so conduct club programs
   and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community.

MOARC Club Repeaters

145.170 is on in Oneida

443.650 (PL 103.5) W2MO/r

Repeater Map



443.750+ PL l51.4 Albany W2IR / R Crawford Road

443.175+ PL 103.5 Old Forge KA2FWN / R ok

444.150+ PL 71.9 Auburn / R  ok

444.100 +PL 100.0 Chatham WA2PVV / R  Unknown

442.100+ PL 103.5 Frankfort KA2FWN / R   Dutch Hill ok

442.350+ PL 103.5 Oswego K2QQY / R Scriba, Jones Corners ok

449.925+ PL 151.4 Remsen KB2AUJ / R Star Hill / 145.330 - PL 103.5 Down

443.600+ PL 110.9 Rochester N2XFX / R Unknown

443.100+  PL 103.5 Syracuse WA2AUL / R Eagle Hill ok

442.575+  PL 103.5 Utica KA2FWN / R Smith Hill - Down

444.400+ PL 103.5 Fonda ok


145.330 - PL 71.9 Remsen / R  Down

147.225 + PL 71.9 Cortland / R ok

147.000 - PL 71.9 Auburn / R ok


***** New Repeater *****


Thank you to

Bob - KA2FWN


Darrell - K1DCC

For the return of

147.285 + PL 71.9

Currently Linked to the 146.940 for local Rome/Verona, NY traffic


Bob - KA2FWN

Testing the setup of the 443.850 (TOP) while Darrell - K1DCC takes the photo

The Kenwood TKR-750 - 147.240 + PL 71.9 (Between the power supplies)

has been on the air since February 6, 2010

and is now sharing a cabinet with

443.850 + PL 103.5  - A new UHF Station !!!!

It will be on for testing for a while to run in the setup prior to the addition of a link radio to

add to the flexibility of emergency usage in a time of need.

Darrell - K1DCC just posing for the camera Bob did all the work!!!!

147.240 with a 71.9 PL Tone

443.850 with a 103.5 PL Tone


Click the links above to view the certificate of co-ordination for both repeaters


Thanks to R.A.C.E.S. members



Darrell K1DCC


The 147.315+ PL 71.9 Old Forge K1DCC is now on the air

Linked to 443.850

All MOARC members feel free to use them!!!!


         The owners have decided as a service to the community at large to offer these repeaters

to the operators in the in the area as an alternate for the local "Nets"

should a club repeater be out of service for repairs.

Please yield to any emergency, Net or RACES/ARES traffic.


Please report any errors and omissions to K1DCC@MOARC.COM

Take a look at the A.R.E.S web page by clicking below.


Straight Key Century Club # 1876  


CQ........ CQ........ CQ..........

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MOARC Membership Application (PDF)

Club Info

Driving Directions

                      Our monthly club meeting is at 7:30 P.M. on the last Wednesday of the month at the Madison Oneida B.O.C.E.S.

VE sessions are the third Friday of every month at 7:00PM at the same location. 

President Elect

Rolfe Ferrara - WB2CLK

Presides over the 11/30/2011 Meeting

Pictured below is MOARC Club President

Rolfe Ferrara - WB2CLK on the front page

of the Oneida Dispatch

Participating in the 2011 Pumpkin Patrol





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APRS Automatic Position Reporting System
A new use for your old TNC
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American Radio Relay League: National Club, Support, Lobbying Group.Our section has hamfest etc info.

CAP Connection The local page for the Civil Air Patrol.

440 linked system

 State wide 440 linked repeater system

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Constitution and By Laws MOARC By Laws
Field Day \feeld day\ noun: 1) Competitive event where Amateur Radio operators set up radio equipment in the field to compete for score; 2) An event to test the readiness of Amateur Radio Emergency Communications; 3) A chance to meet new friends and test the limits of your favorite hobby. Each year during the last weekend in June, thousands of amateurs descend on parks, malls, schools, and other venues to participate in the most popular on-the-air amateur radio events: Field Day. 
Frequency Charts from AC6V's page (Nice) by gordon west.



Solar flare page
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Radio Amateurs of Greater Syracuse (Club page)
Ralabs Local area ham page w/Web-Radio
Internet listing of repeaters GOOD!
SkyWarn How amateur radio warns and protects from storms.
Mobile-Scanners NYS law regarding police scanners in your car. 
(HAMs exempt!)
Vanity Callsigns  Information on obtaining a special callsign. See if there's one available
W5YI To assist applicants in obtaining the various FCC-issued Amateur and Commercial Radio Operator licenses. Part 97 Rules (Indexed)

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NYS V&T Law Section 397


397. Equipping  motor  vehicles with radio receiving sets capable of
  receiving signals on the  frequencies  allocated  for  police  use.    A
  person,  not  a  police officer or peace officer, acting pursuant to his
  special duties, who equips a motor vehicle with a  radio  receiving  set
  capable of receiving signals on the frequencies allocated for police use
  or  knowingly  uses  a  motor  vehicle  so  equipped  or  who in any way
  knowingly interferes with the transmission  of  radio  messages  by  the
  police  without  having  first secured a permit so to do from the person
  authorized to issue such a permit by the local governing body  or  board
  of the city, town or village in which such person resides, or where such
  person  resides outside of a city or village in a county having a county
  police department by the board of supervisors of such county, is  guilty
  of  a  misdemeanor,  punishable  by  a  fine  not exceeding one thousand
  dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both.  Nothing  in
  this  section  contained  shall  be construed to apply to any person who
  holds a valid amateur radio operator's license  issued  by  the  federal
  communications  commission  and  who  operates  a duly licensed portable
  mobile transmitter and in connection therewith a receiver  or  receiving
  set  on  frequencies exclusively allocated by the federal communications
  commission to duly licensed radio amateurs.


Field Day 2009

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