'82nd Airbourne



First made there home DZ at Ava, NY

Following the passing of DZ owner and jump pilot Valentie Merick and Walt Malinowski the group re-located in 1985 to the

Verona Skydiving Center

 in Verona, NY with their able Jump/Bush Pilot Darrell Curtis.

Darrell opened his heart and home to both the 82'nd and the LAGNAF members and took them in as a part of the "Family" as well.

This page is for those members who still remember the "Ava" days.

Blue Sky's / Black Death

The coveted LAGNAF shoulder patch

Bruce Harringshaw. Jamie Quattro, E.P Arnold, Heinze Biebrick, 

Scott Fama, Pete Kirkland, Phil Cresswell, Roger Supernaw.

This was taken at Sylvan Beach in front of the Kon - Tiki the Summer of 1987


Photo above is of "Railroad" Ronnie Rounds landing on the deck at Harpoon Eddie's in Sylvan Beach


Old Ava shot

E.P, Ronnie Rounds in the way back,Val Merieck(sp ?) at the controls and Dick Petroski


Jeff Petroski being trained by Walt Malinowski (deceased) He was a pilot, instructer and jumper. he died jumping.  I chose this because it shows the old LAGNAF emblem on the barn


Roger Supernaw Over Sylvan Beach

Ava:  in the Left background is Dave Donnley, (front) Ed Powers, Dick Petroski, E.P. Aronald (about 1982)


E.P. Arnold over Ava in the early 1980's




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