Below is a copy of the text of a letter I received from Tanya Porter.

I still remember the first time Melanie got "On the step" back then it was  "Arch, Look, Reach, Pull" 

I was not afraid until a watched her drive away to go back home - driving a car is very dangerous!!!!

That was so many years ago.

We are all proud of Melanie but we are also proud of Tanya for working toward her goals and reaching for the sky and caring enough to tell us about her success.

Tanya, THANK YOU for re-enforcing what we already knew about Melanie.  I'm also glad to know there are people like you that overcame the fear within them and grow from the experience.

Thank you & Blue Skys,

                                                                                          Darrell C. Curtis (Melanie's Dad)

Tanya's kind words here for all to see.

Hi Darrell,


 My name is Tanya Porter and your daughter is a good friend of mine.  I just wanted you to know that she has been an inspiration to me.  I made my first tandem jump in April 2004 with my older brother joining me in freefall.  It was the coolest thing I'd ever done next to giving birth!  I promptly threw up afterwards and was back for more three weeks later!  I happened to run across an article Mel had written for the Elsinore site and I e-mailed her.  We have been buddies ever since.  She gave me so much encouragement during times when I was so depressed over not being able to get going with AFF.  My family, (husband and two boys) were NOT happy about my newfound addiction.  There were nights when I'd sit a watch my three tandem videos and just cry.  She was always there for me with her positive input.  I finally started AFF in Nov. 2004 and got my A license in May 2005 at the age of 41.  Yesterday I made three jumps bringing my total to 58.  My first jump of the day was with my brother Vern to celebrate his 500th.  We gave him an banana cream pie facial later in the day!  I'm sure you already knew this, but Mel is loved by everyone at Elsinore.  The DZ wouldn't be the same without her.  She brings so much to the sport of skydiving and we are all so lucky to know her compliments go out to mom and dad!  You both are very proud, I'm sure.  So that's all I wanted to say.


Blue Skies and Big Smiles,


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