Please note here that we are no longer actively engaged in skydive training or activities

at the


but I have left the web site up

so those who jumped here can walk down memory lane - Enjoy the memories

Melanie in SKYDIVER GIRLS Video

Darrell's Daughter

Melanie Curtis


Melanie's Emerald Nuts commercial



Melanie sayes

Welcome to the Verona Skydiving Center home page.

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World Class AFF Instructor Jay Stokes Visits Verona Skydive Center

Pictured here with Betty Curtis and Jump Pilot Darrell Curtis

Darrell Can be reached at

Curtis Custom Cutting for DEER PROCESSING

5869 Teuscher Rd., 3 miles east of exit 33 off I-90, Verona, NY 13478, (315) 363-2763

Tony "The Doctor" and "Reserve Ride" Jack

are training skydiving locally again !!!!

I am referring all those who trusted us for all those years to take them jumping to Tony (The Doctor) Sowers and (Reserve Ride) Jack Walter. They are jumping locally again and will be willing to get you skydiving. You can give Tony a call at his place of business (315-797-1932) and reach Jack at 396-6454.

Tony is the best mechanic in upstate NY that's why they call him the "Doctor" and Jack is the BEST concrete man in the Central New York area. Both are certified Tandem Skydive instructors with thousands of jumps each.

Tony                       Jack

Tony can also be reached at



With the training required you can imagine yourself in the photo below.

Shown below is Darrell's Daughter Melanie and one of her students

Melanie made her first jump at the Verona Skydive Center and progressed in the sport until now she is one of the staff members of Skydive Elsinore with Two Silver and One GOLD Metal in National Advanced 4-way competition and over Over 6000 skydives to her credit.

Not only that she is HOT LOOKING like her Dad.

Melanie with "Weird" Al Yankovick while filming a "Video" with Melanie as a skydiving stunt double.

One of the many Skydivers that started jumping at Verona. Your Dad is proud of you.

Get in, sit down, shut up, hang on, TRUST ME :-) GET OUT........

In case you can't tell that is Melanie flying camera of the left side of the photo.


Melanie getting ready to photo a Tandem below.

Melanie and friends welcome you to the Drop Zone

Putting SEXY back in skydiving!!!!


A Short Story by Darrell C. Curtis and other "Famous Quotes"


Yesterday, Jack taxied up to the back of the house and jumped out of the pilotís seat and I climbed in, for the first time in a long time. I taxied to the woods and made the turn for takeoff and pushed the throttle on as I have literally hundreds of times before. Quickly picking up speed I reached down and with the flap handle nursed the old airplane into the air. Pushing the nose forward letting the speed build up just feet above the ground as we passed the edge of the wood line I rolled 15 degrees right and pulled on the yoke. After climbing several hundred feet I rolled out of the shallow Chandelle and headed straight toward Hamilton. In just a few minutes we landed and Jack jumped out to get his pickup truck and I headed back home. I made the right turn at mid-field and again hopped into the air, now chasing the setting sun back home. I climbed just high enough to clear the big windmills on the top of the ridge overlooking the Mohawk Valley and then trimmed the airplane for a slight decent as I headed straight for Curtis field. At 2450 squared I was making 150MPH as I watched the land pass quickly beneath me. As I crossed Town line Road I pulled the throttle off to slow the airplane for the base to final approach turn to runway 28 at Curtis. With the pre-landing check list complete I reached down and pulled the flaps on one notch at a time while in my famous descending left turn to the fence at the end of the runway. As I prepared to flare the landing I could not resist adding a little power and flying to the far end of the runway so I would not have to taxi so far back to the house. After greasing the second landing for the day I taxied to the parking spot and pulled the mixture to idle cut off and the engine shutdown. Snapping the switches to off I just sat there for a short time as the gyros spooled down to a stop with the sights and smells of that old airplane surrounding me. With the past 30 years flashing threw my mind I just sat there for a few seconds longer than necessary because it just felt SO GOOD and I miss it.

It has been so many years but I still love it.

Donít wait Ė Donít ever wait.

Theyíre not going to give it to you, you have to take it.

Darrell Curtis



"...Even though the image of our sport has changed from a skull and crossbones to adrenaline and mountain dew, the reality of the religion continues - obey the laws of wind and nylon. Lest we forget, the grim reaper cares not for ignorance, nor egos."........... Jimmy Gwinn.

"Skydiving: Where immortality is touched through danger, where life meets death on equal plane; where man is more than man, and existence both supreme and valueless at the same instant."--- Charles A. Lindberg

At 13,500' over the solid cloud deck the pilot opens the door, smiles and says "Trust me" points out the open door with his right index finger and then yells "GET OUT". it's been over 20 years and I still love this $#!&...............Darrell C. Curtis

Take a look around and enjoy yourself! Use the many visible and hidden hyperlinks for all of the features here.

Check out the bunch of cool pictures. If have any questions, just E-mail me.

We still know how to throw a party at the VSC

We always use DJ Bill"T" you should too.

Thanks, Darrell


Hot looking Professional Skydiver & Darrell's famous daughter Melanie at Ellsinore, CA.


Mel and Lob after a hard days work at the DZ

Click on the either Photo for different trips to Skydive Ellsinore

Melanie in a TV Commercial   

Melanie's Story - Insurance Brokers Association of Canada TV Commercial

A letter from Tanya Porter

 Verona is also home to the

82'nd Airborne & LAGNAF SKYDIVERS

Darrell with the Jump Ship

Darrell 1986

The Wizard and the Dragon

Galaxy Aviation for all your flight training and charter flight needs.

Operated by MASTER Flight instructor

Luigi Bottini - CFII


I should note here that although we are no longer actively engaged in skydive training (We still do a Shits and giggles load once in awhile) .

Darrell has semi-retired from the skydiving adventure and enjoying the New camper.

It was a fun for me (Darrell) but I am semi - retired and "flying" the New Truck and Camper to the camp-grounds more often now.

The New Truck - 2006 Ford Dually

Darrell Cooking breakfast in Alex Bay,NY

Darrell on the new sail boat on Lake Elizabeth Ann

Verona Skydive Center Drop Zone from 10,000 Feet

The waterwheel and lighthouse

at the drop zone.

Special thanks to

"Doctor" Tony Sowers

"Reserve Ride" Jack Walter

Tracy "Who"

"Railroad" Ronny Rounds

"Wild Man" Rob Gebo

"Long Haired" Mike Talerico

"Mikey" Mike Reese

"JD"Jimmy Dees

"TV" John Campbell

Dick' General Contracting and my

"Very Best Friend"  Isabow

for all their hard work and good times we shared.

I will never forget The Antique Roses and  A special prayer for Roger Supernaw who showed us all what a jumpmaster was or was supposed to be and Bob Moore my faithful friend and fearless flight instructor who taught me how to fly and then made me become a BUSH PILOT and then a JUMP PILOT you are both still with us in our memories and prayers God speed and blue skies too you both.

Skydive Ellsinore

Check out Melanie(3rd photo from the top) at Ellsinore

Amy - So off the fridge

Now A Member Of The Skydiver's Ring!
(see below)



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